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Official Secrets Act:
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Privacy guidelines for our brand bible:
The contents of this document are private, confidential, and non-consumer facing.

You're here because you're part of, or soon to become part of, the T&GE family. We want to give you the opportunity to take a look under the hood and get a feel for our values, how these values roll up into our brand, and further how we use them to communicate our message.

We'll also add some perspective, context, and clarity around how we came to rest on these values as well as some high-level guidance. This will help you translate them into the world-class design, digital interactions, user experiences, and on-brand touch-points for our internal team members and clients.

We want you to be confident working on and within our ecosystem, and therefore we invite you to reach out in the event further clarity is required. And most importantly, we value your feedback. So deem this a formal invitation to share any wisdom you believe can help us communicate our value proposition better across any of the mediums.

Please do not copy or distribute this content. Help us protect our brand, its voice, and the work we all put into 'keeping it real and fresh' by honoring these requests.

Enjoy, thank you, and welcome.

Ray Behan.
Agent 000 (the first agent there ever was)
PS: Failing to adhere to these requests will force me to come out of retirement and take care of it.
A short note about grammar on this page:
If you find/spot poor use of grammar and typos as you move thru this doc, we wanted you to know that this has been intentionally left in. This is a working document. Not a stuffy corporate doc that would have everyone sweating bullets if asked to interact with it. Also, this entire doc has, is, and will continue to be, a collaboration between many of the team. But more importantly, it's vital it captures Ray's essence than to polish it to the point of not having any. Emjoy.
We're transitioning...
from a real estate options training company to an educational platform that will host an assortment of on and offline events showcasing educators/teachers/speakers specializing in a holistic approach to health, mindset, wellness, and financial wellbeing.
Here is the rebrand journey.
The outcome!
Timing is everything. And a good brand will birth itself when good and ready. Planetary alignment, one could say. The first brand discovery phone call was held in the third week of July 2017, and the brand process and the finalizing of the brand was completed on November 20th, 2019. This Is It!
Health, mindset, wellness, and financial wellbeing ...know-how!
Financial wellbeing
Used to express friendly feelings toward one's companions before drinking.
Health education, the process of learning to behave in a manner conducive to good health.
Health effect, a change in health resulting from exposure to a source.
Health psychology, a branch of psychology concerned with understanding how biology, behavior, and social context influence health.
Health science, the applied science dealing with health.
Mental health, a level of cognitive or emotional wellbeing.
Reproductive health, the capability and freedom to reproduce.
A mindset can also be seen as incident of a person's world view or philosophy of life.
In decision theory and general systems theory, a mindset is a set of assumptions, methods, or notations held by one or more people or groups of people.
A mindset may be so firmly established that it creates a powerful incentive within these people or groups to continue to adopt or accept prior behaviors, choices, or tools.
The latter phenomenon is also sometimes described as mental inertia, "groupthink", and it is often difficult to counteract its effects upon analysis and decision making processes.
In cognitive psychology, a mindset represents the cognitive processes activated in response to a given task.
Wellness is a state beyond absence of illness but rather aims to optimize well-being
The notions behind the term share the same roots as the alternative medicine movement, in 19th-century movements in the US and Europe that sought to optimize health and to consider the whole person, like New Thought, Christian Science, and Lebensreform.
The term wellness has also been misused for pseudoscientific health interventions.
Financial wellbeing :Financial wellbeing:Financial wellbeing:
A sense of security and feeling as though you have enough money to meet your needs. It's about being in control of your day-to-day finances and having the financial freedom to make choices that allow you to enjoy life.
(or knowhow or procedural knowledge)
Is a term for practical knowledge on how to accomplish something, as opposed to "know-what" (facts), "know-why" (science), or "know-who" (communication). It is also often referred to as street smarts (sometimes conceived as opposed to book smarts), and a person employing their street smarts as street wise. Know-how is often tacit knowledge, which means that it can be difficult to transfer to another person by means of writing it down or verbalising it. The opposite of tacit knowledge is explicit knowledge.
Tagline worksheet
Inspiration words, including our keywords were vital for making sure we were clear about our value proposition within the tagline.

Knowhow - Connection - Community - Path - Health - Wellness - Financial wellbeing

Former Tagline:
Think 100% Grow 100%
Change your Mind, Change your Life

Engaged community. Focused leaders. Global doers.
Focused leaders. Global doers.
Focused doers. Global leaders.
Think you can have more? We do too.
Think beyond the mind
Engaged Leaders. Global Thinkers. Community Focused
Think beyond the expected
Think. Belong. Grow.
Bringing together great minds to empower you to make your own impact on your life in a positive way
Bringing great minds together to change peoples lives
Supporting creative people to realise their greatest worth
Impacting all areas of your life in a positive, grounded way RB
Where great minds come together to impact your life in a positive way.
A platform dedicated to the discovery of abundance
A network of experienced coaches ready to achieve your goals
Supports creative people to realise their financial worth
A community blazing a new path to abundance mastery
Opening minds to the infinite opportunity of abundance when immersed in a community where self-doubt is diminished.
Community bringing great minds together to positively impact all areas your life RB
Where great minds come together to impact your life in a positive way
Building your path for tomorrow… today
Connecting you with your path for tomorrow… today
Greatness... don't settle for less
Don't settle for less
Don't settle
Don't settle for less than great
Don't settle for less than greatness
Advice you can take all the way to the bank
Where investing in yourself turns into money in the bank
Where connecting the dots clears the path
Building a path to a better life
Building a path to a better life, together
Connecting you with the greatness you're capable of becoming
Ensuring that you don't settle for less than the greatness you are capable of becoming
Don't settle for less than the greatness you're capable of becoming
Don't settle for less than the greatness you're more than capable of becoming
You deserve a holistic financial roadmap
You deserve a holistic financial path to retirement
You deserve a holistic financial wellness roadmap
We support people on their path of financial freedom
We change peoples minds to give them permission to change their futures
We provide a community from which people can grow their wealth
We teach them the mindset to change their financial life
Teach successful principles that create financial freedom
We show people alternative paths to get into property/financial freedom
We change people's financial futures
Give people a proven system to change their future
We educate people on wealth creation
Teach financial principles, that help you accept moving into property
Saving people from thinking that they can't live an abundant life
Giving people hope, showing them something has to change,
What I'm about to teach you is the fundamental recipe to changing your life
A fundamental principle of change, to affect their financial life - health, career, relationship
The change that is needed
We create and provide educational course, workshops, that that allow anybody to change their financial life
We change people's belief systems that have kept them stuck in the 9 - 5 life
Wealth and mindset mentors and educators
Think and grow a community of advanced innovators in wealth & mindset
Innovators, trainers, and mentors in wealth and mindset transformational programs and workshops
Mentor and educate people in mindset and financial freedom. Offering support and conquer their fears of investment which facilitates them living and abundant lifestyle.
Mentor educate and support people in financial freedom and mindset permitting them to live and abundant lifestyle
A completely supported investment program
Innovators of financial freedom
Gets you back where you belong
Go Ahead. You Can Rely on Us
Have the life you want
Helping your plan for tomorrow… today
More ideas for your money
Ready for tomorrow?
Taking care of what's important
The Smarter Way to Send Money
Uniting People with Possibilities
We listen. You prosper.
Wherever it takes
Building a Better life with banking
A Dream of Freedom
It pays to...
Our business is the Australian dream
It's like money in the bank
There are some things that money can't buy.
Invest with confidence
Plant your future here
The brand statement
This is Ray's personal statement, which has formed his entire WHY he does what he does. It's at the core of his being and a part of his DNA. A part that would be imposable to remove or distinguish from the rest of his DNA.
As a kid, I was made to feel less than others. In my most vulnerable and lonely time, I was subjected to a decade of being displayed to the school as the 'stupid' kid. My influencers intentionally set out to steal my confidence and self-belief through years of indoctrination.

One day, a guy called Paul walked into my life and told me that I need to change my beliefs to change my life. So I listened and listened, and then I acted. He picked me up by the feet and shook me to my core and BANG…

I realised that my limited beliefs were just a reflection of the limited beliefs of my influencers. I realised that my life, my reality, and everything in it was a mirror reflection of my beliefs. I "changed my mind," and my life changed accordingly.

Today, I take people by the feet, shake them into realising that they, too, are the product of damaging misbeliefs. I inspire them to let go of the past and embrace the higher essence of themselves. I show them how to access their operating system, the system that determines who they believe they are and that it is them that controls their programming so that they can finally change the 'program' and their lives.

Ray Behan
Think & Grow Edcation
To speak or not to speak?
Our four spoken keywords - Knowhow - Connection - Community - Path

The following four words personify our values at the highest level. They cover four quadrants that make up both balanced brand communications and experiences and are encouraged to be used, along with their synonyms. However, it is vital than you maintain the context and intent.
Shout these from the rooftops!
Contextual meaning:
We provide the know-how necessary for living mindfully around health, wellness, and financial wellbeing.


What the customer gets – Intangible Result
Contextual meaning:
Through an educational platform that hosts on and offline events showcasing educators/teachers/speakers specializing in a holistic approach to some of the world's most significant challenges.

way we give it – Flexible thinking {How}

Contextual meaning:
Community is in our DNA, we know you can't do it alone, it's how we roll.


why we give it – Our fixed belief {Why}

Contextual meaning:
Educational products and services offering multiple paths for students to choose and feel the innate sense of ownership, empowerment, and pride around how they make their choices in health, wellness, and financial wellbeing.


What the customer gets – Tangible Result

The not to speak!
Our four UN-spoken walkaway keywords - Trust - Different - Authentic - Approachable

The following four words personify the values that resonate most with our clients. They're still significant values to us, but we believe they will be most powerful if spoken by them rather than us.

They are the most complimentary words used to describe any interaction with our brand. We'd be honored and humbled to overhear them use these words while explaining their experience with us to a good friend.

Our job is to create, build, and develop on-brand optimized touchpoints that elicit the expression of these words.
Nope, please don't shout these from the rooftops!
Contextual meaning:
There is no need to doubt, to question, to search, everything finally makes sense, the message is genuine, and ultimately resonates with my heart.

The highest and ultimate goal or intended outcome.

VOC: (voice of the customer)
You know what, I've been to a lot of these kinds of events and sat through many workshops but I totally know I can trust these guys/company.

Contextual meaning:
A surprising experience that leaves the audience enthused about joining our community as they embark on a journey into a new way of seeing things, a new way of doing things, and a new life.

Our unfixed way of doing or carrying something out. It is fluid and flexible.

Wow, wasn't that different?

Contextual meaning:
A sense of openness that resonates less from logic (brain) and more from the heart.

Our fixed way of doing or solving something.

Yeah, dude, It's been a while since I've dealt with a company this authentic, they're the real deal.

Contextual meaning:
We've made all aspects of T&GE easy to access and approachable. The programs, educators/instructors, the community, even my Mum.

A particular characteristic or quality that distinguishes us.

You know it wasn't just the company I found approachable; their team is super friendly, and I received a personal phone call to a quick email I shot off. Amazing.
The marketing statement
Our four spoken keywords put to work.
Knowhow - Connection - Community - Path

The marketing statement uses our top four spoken keywords. Both intent and context have been added to develop the most meaningful marketing narrative. You should be able to read through this statement and have a clear understanding of what we do, how we do it, what the clients will feel, and what they'll walk away with in respect to the overarching value proposition.
Unleash your fullest potential in the areas of
health, wellness, and financial wellbeing.
We provide the know-how necessary for you to be mindful around health, wellness, and financial wellbeing. You'll experience a very human-like connection through an educational platform that hosts on and offline events showcasing educators/teachers/speakers specializing in a holistic approach to some of the world's most significant challenges we all face. And we know you can't do it alone. We couldn't. And we've made sure you won't have to either. You're part of a community now. It's in our DNA and ... it's how we roll. Our educational products and services offer multiple paths so you'll always feel an innate sense of ownership, empowerment, and pride around how you've educated yourself in the art of making great choices that will unleash your fullest potential around your health, wellness, and financial wellbeing.
Unleash your fullest potential in the areas of
health, wellness, and financial wellbeing.
We partner with creative thought leaders and trained professionals who are experienced in transferring the know-how you'll need to break free of any judgment associated with prior failed attempts obtaining health, wellness, and financial wellbeing.

We believe connection is vital for learning new ways of living life, but only when it's a two-way stream. How we connect to you and how easy for you to re-connect with us is kind of our jam. That's why we're building an omnichannel learning platform that hosts educators, teachers, and speakers specializing in a holistic approach to some of the world's most significant challenges we all face. Whenever you're ready to learn, or where ever you are, we're on a mission to make it as simple as… 'just plug-in.'

Plug-in - On & Offline Live Events: National and international live events, seminars, workshops, and wellness retreats.

Plug-in - One on One Coaching: Paths and customized plans built and personalized for you that feels doable with someone to hold you accountable.

Plug-in - eLearning Courses: Online courses that offer additional paths and support for those paths you're currently active in. And, they're ready when a brush-up or refresher is necessary.

Plug-in - Community and Group Mentoring 24/7: Around the clock availability to those who have walked your path and willing to share their strategy and key learnings.

Community is in our DNA; we know you can't do it alone because we couldn't. And, we've made sure you won't have to either. It's how we roll. So we look forward to seeing you share your home runs (and miss's) with the community.

Your path won't be conventional, but it will be effective. We've flipped the traditional sequence to building sustainable change. Firstly, we make sure you have the necessary emotional mindset to manage what you desire. Secondly, you'll learn the skills and principles associated with maintaining and evolving it. The outcome is an innate sense of ownership, empowerment, and pride around the choices you make and, more meaningfully, how you make them.

Our courses explore health, wellness, and financial wellbeing from both classical and alternative constructs. Upon the introductory context required to embrace the solution is established, we transition into how psychology plays a significant role in your success. We then move on to your biological elements before delving deep into your coolest organ, your brain. We then use neuroscience to help you uncover how your mind ticks and finally landing on how you can influence it to be, do, and have anything you put your mind to. Very cool!

All paths, regardless of being presented in person via a live or virtual environment, are always supported by easy to follow step by steps, video tutorials, check sheets, downloads, and all the necessary supporting materials. And, a real human customer support representative ready when you need one.
Our brand character
Hey, we're an Idealist Counselor. The following anthropomorphizes the brand to establish a more profound sense of personality and character.
Intensity, Wholeness, Developing, Private, Empathy, Connecting
Complex individuals with a quiet but very certain intense aura. Always go the extra mile.
Harmony in all relationships and making groups feel connected, healthy and whole is a big value.
Mentoring is our focus. We help people to realize their true human potential.
Private, sensitive people, and are not usually highly vocal or visible.
Strong empathic nature, aware of others' emotions or intentions, exceptional intuitive ability,
A natural talent for reaching people through an authentic connection.
Examples: Eleanor Roosevelt, Mohandas Gandhi Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Mary Baker Eddy, Vaclav Havel, Jane Goodall, T E. Lawrence, Queen Noor, C.S. Lewis.
Character style & associations
This is our association with other brands and industries.
We'd aspire to be just as they are.
Areas of Interest

Personal Growth
New Age
Financial Freedom
Quantum Physics
Life Coaching
Life Planning
Mag or News

Popular Science
Big Think
Mind Valley
Quantum World
Radio & Podcasts

Don Tolman
Joe Dispenza
Eckhart Tolle
TV or Series

Shark Tank
Through the wormhole

Think and Grow Rich
Rich dad poor dad
Black hole wars
Elegant Universe
You are the placebo
Losing my virginity
Biology of Belief
How to make a hell of a profit and still get to heaven
The power of now
Buddha at the gas pump
Change your thoughts change your life
Movies & Doco's

What the Bleep
Through the wormhole
The people vs the state of illusion
From ambition to

Can you feel it - Michael Jackson
Gypsy Kings
Andre Botechelli
Van Morrison
Nat King Cole
Amy Winehouse

Mind Valley
The Quantum World Awakens
Big Think
Brand Character Statement
Use this statement to guide brand voice, tone, intent, etc. Ask yourself, how would this person, if real, write copy, design web, build social assets, speak on a stage, introduce friends etc.
We're 'that friend' with the uncanny ability to be there when life takes one of those unexpected lefties. We may not always tell you what you want to hear. But you can rely on us to shine a light on the very element you know will join the dots, giving back the direction we both know you have. You've accepted that, at times, we're a bit of a brainhack and deep, but realize it's what drives us to go that extra mile so that you can. We're 'that friend' who invites you to a party of one that feels like you've come home to a warm familiar place… We've poured your favorite bevi and even lit the fire!
Colours & meaning:
Primary: Gold
Secondary: Red
Tertiary: White
Supporting: Blue
Colour meaning
Primary: Gold - Leadership, authority, and governance. Luxury, success, wealth, spiritual love, mathematics, and science.

Secondary: Red - Power, passion, drive, take action, certainty, wake up.

Tertiary: White - Purity, clarity, simplicity to the content, new beginnings, crisp and clear.

Supporting color: Blue -Support, nutrition, protective, Inspiration, unconditional bonding, connection.
Shape and meaning
Type of logo will be added also
The meaning
It's how the brain activity is electrically emitted and displayed = brainwaves (Electromagnetic spectrum)
It also plays into how string theory and Quantum mechanics and how these are portrayed
Electricity, magnetics... polarity.
They represent the fluidness of Ray.
They represent how agile you are and how quickly you can pivot.
Spare block hanging out...

The marketing statement uses our top four spoken keywords. Both intent and con
Other brand considerations
The BrandU process is amazing for small businesses who want to avoid spending tens of thousands of dollars with a brand agency. However, it focuses on a few major aspects of a brand but not a full strategy..
Facets of a holistic brand strategy
While this current brand bible has helped us get clear on how we communicate our value props and message our brand voice, we understand that there are other facets to a full brand strategy. Over time we plan to articulate the following individual strategies:
  • Discovery: Research, insights, development
  • Identity: Definition and clarity around the name, taglines, clarity, communication, impact, color/shapes - The Brand Bible
  • Visual/design system - Style guide, lookbooks,
  • Positioning - Personas, journey and buyer behavior mapping Print and Packaging of on and offline product/courses
  • Print/packaging/signage - physical and/or digital
  • Content development - Persona alignment, congruence, relevancy, and relatability
  • Channel/franchize - Aligned content - (brand character, voice)
  • User experience: Face to face, online, web, edu, environmental, seminars/workshops, etc
  • Business systems -
Brand channels
Paid - Non paid - Earned - Own
WOM - Word of mouth
eLearning - Memberium, etc
Livestreaming - con calls, etc
Collateral - print. Popups
Course materials - books, presentations, PPT's etc
Support - FAQ - Self-help vrs Guided experience
Physical location decor
Physical location signage
Direct response
Direct mail
Apps & app publishing stores
Publication platforms etc
Social media
Social media marketing
Social community service
Community service
Print media
Mass media
Live events
Virtual events
Biz development and strategic partnerships
Affiliate programs and partnerships
Referral programs and partnerships
Biz partnership
Student partnerships
SEO - search engine marketing
SEM - search engine marketing
Direct mail
Email marketing
Merch - (T-shirts etc)
To be cont.
The BrandU Brand Bible Journey
Part 1 - Accessing Brand Power
Taking a look at your existing branding efforts thus far.
Letting it go: How're you're going to have to forget everything you have done in the past in order to benefit from this process.
Understanding the Unified Conscious Development framework that makes up the entire philosophy behind how you brand yourself/company.
Part 2 - Brand Statement Process
Understanding a brand statement
Selecting what we're branding, Umbrella company/course/ etc.
Creating the brand statement using existing words.
Your four paths to your truth - What do you do? + Why do you do it? + Why do I do it? + To change what?
Assembling brand statement from these four answers.
Part 3 - A: The CLICK Process
Creating the brands character and personality
Part 3 - B: Language
Building keywords
Sorting keywords
Building Walkaways Impressions
Sorting Walkaway Impressions
Part 3 - C: Image
Selecting the correct image that matches keywords and new language
Part 3 - D: Logo Symbol
Choosing a symbol using keywords and new language
Part 3 - E: Logo research & swipe folder
Researching and building a swipe folder on liked/disliked logos
Part 3 - F: Logo Colors
Using keywords to build color palette
Workshopping the physiological meaning behind each color
Part 4 - A: Your Brand Promise
Building the new Marketing Statement
Part 4 - B: Name and Tagline
Building Name and Tagline
Part 4 - C: The Experience
Developing Touch-Points list and assigning the new brand messaging
Part 4 - D: Applying Rules
How to keep the brand alive
Part 5 - Assembling Brand Bible
Assembling the new Brand Bible
How to use this with teams and vendors
How not to use it.
Part 6 - Set Appointments
Have the assistant set up appointments for a psychological assessment, start taking medication - any medication, write a will. Question if this branding process really is complete.
Feedback welcome
We're around if you need any help navigating the brand bible.
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