Eye see you!
As a kid, I was made to feel less than others. In my most vulnerable and lonely time, I was subjected to a decade of being displayed to the school as the 'stupid' kid. My influencers intentionally set out to steal my confidence and self-belief through years of indoctrination.

One day, a guy called Paul walked into my life and told me that I need to change my beliefs to change my life. So I listened and listened, and then I acted. He picked me up by the feet and shook me to my core and BANG…

I realised that my limited beliefs were just a reflection of the limited beliefs of my influencers. I realised that my life, my reality, and everything in it was a mirror reflection of my beliefs. I "changed my mind," and my life changed accordingly.

Today, I take people by the feet, shake them into realising that they, too, are the product of damaging misbeliefs. I inspire them to let go of the past and embrace the higher essence of themselves. I show them how to access their operating system, the system that determines who they believe they are and that it is them that controls their programming so that they can finally change the 'program' and their lives.

Ray Behan
Think & Grow Edcation
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